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—  WINE  —

At Vue de monde, our commitment to providing a dining experience that is greater than the sum of its parts sees an intrinsic commitment to the service of wine and the development of a culture that supports this. Like the food ingredients that we use, we look for wines that are true to their origin and reflective of the environment in which they have been made.

Vue de monde is proud to be the only restaurant in the world to have two Master Sommeliers in Dorian Guillon and Carlos Santos Simoes.

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—  Pairing options  —

Our wines are chosen from all over the world because they tell a great story; made with passion and tradition. It is our absolute pleasure to offer a unique, rare and delicious range; showcasing the diversity of wines with texture, balance & typicity. Your sommelier works with complete autonomy and every Vue de monde wine experience is bespoke.

Benchmark Pairing, $220 - traditionally consists of a classical wine focus complemented by a variety of other possible beverages.

Prestige Pairing, $275 - based on a rare selection of both domestic and international offerings, highlighting some of Australia’s great producers.

Indulgent Pairing, $380+ - allows us to use our premium cuvées and international benchmarks throughout, showcasing some of the world’s truly great wines.

Vue de monde also offers wine by the glass, non-alcoholic beverage matches, and alternative beverage matches.


With its beautifully layered aromas and complexity of flavours, tea has a natural affinity to complement and enhance cuisine. At Vue de monde our approach to tea emulates that of a sommelier’s to wine. We undertake a dedicated acquisition model to source unique leaves and blends from specialist tea houses, with a focus on discovering rare and exclusive teas from around the world. Exhibiting a thoughtfully selected, impeccably prepared suite of teas, the tea pairing explores tensions within carbonated, blended, cold, and warm tea infusions to complement the arc of the menu. The tea pairing is charged at $110 per person