Vue de monde


Vue de monde has been synonymous with Melbourne dining for almost 20 years, continuing to present beautiful food that not only appeals to a sense of luxury, but honesty, integrity and an inherent natural flavour. The focus has, and always will be, to present an exciting and dynamic experience with progression of flavours and sense of curiosity.

In the year 2000, Chef Shannon Bennett opened Vue de monde from a quirky terrace building in Drummond Street, Carlton. In 2005, the restaurant relocated to the historic Normanby Chambers in Melbourne’s central business district. Evolving from a classical French style restaurant with a niche following, the move signified a shift in direction, with a focus on the theatrical and the dedication to dining as an experience. It was the move to the new premises that Vue de monde achieved widespread critical acclaim and international recognition, including a then unprecedented 19/20 from The Age Good Food Guide.

In June 2011 Vue de monde relocated to the 55th floor of Melbourne’s iconic Rialto building, with sweeping views of Melbourne’s cityscape.

—  level 55  —

The Rialto iteration of Vue de monde was designed by architects Elenberg Fraser and aims to encapsulate a feeling of the Australian landscape. From the rough black basalt that makes up the bar, to the kangaroo fur chairs and corrugated iron walls, every aspect of the venue has been carefully curated and considered.

The iconic kangaroo fur chairs of Vue de monde have been created by Ross Didier, whose work in underpinned by a philosophy that design is an engineering craft, with manufacturing and ideas being interwoven together. The equally famous and specially commissioned kangaroo skin tables were created by Captains of Industry, who are traditionally bespoke show-makers. They use century old techniques of hand-stitched good year welts, handmade linen threads with pigs bristle needles and shanks secured with birch pegs.

The process of selecting works of art for Vue de monde has been a collaborative one between Shannon Bennett and Anna Schwartz. An uncompromising approach to the works has been taken and major artists, both Australian and International, have been represented on a large scale. This is a serious art collection, not merely decoration of an interior and diners in the restaurant have the opportunity to negotiate works by significant artists of our time.