— Sustainability —

Vue de monde aims to provide an unparalleled dining experience, full of theatrics and flair that cannot be replicated at home. This is achieved through a commitment to the restaurant’s activities as a whole; from sourcing rare ingredients to an uncompromising approach to technique, service and quality. This dedication and pride have established Vue de monde as one of Australia’s most exciting restaurants.

One of the main factors in moving Vue de monde to the Rialto in 2011 was to improve the restaurant's carbon footprint with the latest kitchen technology.

In every instance possible, Vue de monde seeks out local produce, manufacturers and designers. We maintain long and respected relationships with our suppliers, allowing us to ensure the highest quality and commitment to sustainable and ethical techniques.

I want to be the first closed loop, zero food waste restaurant group in Australia. It's all about doing what we can, sustainability is a challenging area with many contradictions and sometime misinformation. Our philosophy is that we cannot sit idly by and wait for instruction, we should do what we can right now to help our planet. One day I hope that Vue de monde can become carbon neutral and offset the energy that’s used everyday to put each meal on the plate.
Shannon Bennett

Beyond the commitment to local produce, Vue de monde's philosophy is not to sit idly by and wait for instruction, but proactively do what we can right now to help our planet. As such, the restaurant makes continually progress with its sustainability promise.

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